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How it  all began

Our Mission

Lisa's Safe Haven's Mission Statement is to provide service to young children and their families that would encourage the children to excel and empower their parents to do the same; by providing them with an environment that is peaceful, welcoming and inviting; within a professional but yet fun environment with providers who continue their learning and training in early childhood education.

Our Philosophy

How it  all began

We believe in providing a safe and healthy environment where children can grow

and learn.  We believe that showing children love and affection in a caring environment will help them to learn and be part of something special. By doing this they open themselves up to new and wonderful experiences.  This will not only help them to grow and develop during the early childhood years, but they will also continue to carry that knowledge and the skills with them to become well-rounded teenagers and adults.


We believe that surrounding children with educators who are fun-loving, creative

and excited about the growth and development of children sets the foundation for building their future and build their future and character.


We believe in Happy Parents, Happy Children and Happy Teachers!    

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